The increase of the tax burden, exchange of information between banks and tax authorities, judicial precedents of collection additional taxes from companies in connection with the fact that it has been proved that the company was managed not from the country of its incorporation - all this compels business to create new schemes of trading and to organize the company’s documents circulation in a new way.

In order to represent the company properly, it must be geographically located in the country of incorporation, or at least have a virtual office there.

Your “virtual” secretary will receive, transfer or send mail, phone calls or other information intended for the company. You can be sure that our service is completely confidential. You can use a prestigious address, phone number and email on letterheads of the company or in advertisements.

The list of services and their cost

Services can be ordered both all together or separately.


Cost per year (GBP)

1.      International mail forwarding up to 1.5KG per week to the client’s address

800 + cost of sending itself

2.      Email (


3.      Dedicated telephone line (mobile phone) answered by secretary on behalf of the company, further message to be forwarded via email

1300 (only during office/working hours: 9-00 – 18-00)

4.      Purchase of sim kit starter pack in the UK (without purchasing a mobile telephone set) and forwarding of sim card to our office (with other documents)

60 + minimum deposit (10)

5.      Postal address/special address (other than the registration one)

from 950 + cost of mail sending