The package of services "Platinum Office" is a special package of services, providing practically complete organization of an active business in the UK, including not only standard business services, but also visa support and provision of an office and a meeting room during your stay in London. By purchasing this package of services you settle the complex of problems at once with a significant saving of money.

The urgent company registration in 24 hours includes:

- checking the name of the company and preparation of documents for registration;

- submission of documents to the Companies House and payment of the state dues;

- provision of secretarial services and the registered office address in London.

Provision of secretarial services, service throughout the year includes:

- postal address: a prestigious acting office in the center of London, when contacting which it is confirmed that the client’s company really operates at this address;

- English-Russian-speaking secretary: accepts phone calls, works with correspondence, conducts the affairs related to the client's business; resends the content of a telephone conversation or a scanned fax page by e-mail to the client;

- two telephone lines: phone and fax (the customer pays the invoices of a telephone company);

- during the client’s stay in the UK the opportunity to work in an office in the centre of London using office equipment and free Internet access is provided;

- the possibility of provision of a separate meeting room in the office in the center of London, meant for a large number of participants.

The package of services "Platinum Office" may also include:

·         provision of services of a lawyer and accountant for the current work of the company (is discussed individually depending on the company's turnover).

·         opening GBP and USD accounts in the UK banks (in London branches).

·         incorporation of companies with VAT, which gives the right to a tax refund for all the goods and services paid for in the UK, if the company's turnover exceeds £ 73,000.

·         visa support.