Re-domiciliation of Panamanian foundation to Nevis

To begin the procedure of re-domicile, you should provide the agent scans of all foundation documents including all amendments, which have been made for the time of foundation's existence and due diligence documents for Beneficiaries, Council Members, Protector and officers of the foundation.

In order for Panamanian Foundation to re-domicile to Nevis it's needed to prepare the following documents:

1)      Signed Resolution consenting to the transfer of Domicile to Nevis.  Council Members and/or Protector of the company depending on the conditions of Foundation Regulations must sign the Resolution (notarized-simple scan)

2)      Documents that should be filled in with Registrar of Foundations in Nevis:

a)        Completed Form 64 (1) - Application for Continuance of Transformation of an Overseas Foundation

b)       Notarised Consent Schedules in duplicate originals for any person to act as a secretary, members of the management board and members of the supervisory board (if any).  

c) The following supporting duly notarized should accompany the consent schedules duly completed by each member of the management board, member of the supervisory board (if any) and the secretary:

Individuals  Notarised copies of the passport and proof of physical address as well as completed KYC form

Corporate Entities  Notarised Proof of Incorporation

         Memorandum of Establishment

         Evidence of Discontinuance

     Certified copies of the Public Deed with English Translation (Notarised and Apostilles done in duplicate originals)

         Certified copies of the Certificate of Establishment (Notarised and Apostilles done in duplicate originals)

         Completed KYC form