In order to incorporate a company you should complete the order form having indicated the name of the company and two or three variations of the name, or chose it from the list of reserved names that reduces the period of execution of documents, indicate the information about authorized persons and make agree the list of required documents and services.

The client receives the full set of documents usually including:
   - Certificate of Incorporation;
   - Memorandum of the Company and Articles of Association;
   - Minutes on appointment of directors, secretaries;
   - Certificates of Shares;
   - Powers of Attorney.

The incorporation fee includes the company annual maintenance cost for the current year, namely:
   - services of a local agent;
   - registered office;
   - management outsourcing.

The documents of the company are provided within the period agreed with client depending upon the chosen jurisdiction and the list of additional services.

It should be noted that the name of the company may not be used before the set of documents is received, such an action may be considered illegal. If the payment for incorporation and company first year maintenance services have not been made in full and within the agreed period, the company will be struck off from the Register of Companies without prior notice and compensation.

The services like detailed elucidation of tax remissions, scheming of work, etc. are not included in the list of company incorporation works and are executed in accordance with a separate agreement for additional payment.

The liability for illegal use if the company and any consequences arisen in connection herewith is incurred by the client himself.