Nevis is an island in the Caribbean Sea. Nevis is a part of the politically independent St Kitts and Nevis Federation. Traditionally, St. Kitts focuses on tourism business and Nevis offers offshore asset protection services. Nevis has own offshore legislation, which brings a lot of advantages to clients involved in international business activities.

Advantages of Incorporating in Nevis:
- Exemption from all local taxes and stamp duty
- Maximum confidentiality and anonymity
- Ease of operation, maintenance and control
- Asset security
- No disclosure or minimum capital requirements
- The minimum number of shareholders is one
- The minimum number of directors is one
- Corporate directors and shareholders are permitted
- Excellent and flexible post-incorporation follow-up services
- No statutory requirement to hold annual general meetings

Nevis IBC (also called as Nevis Business Corporation) and Limited Liability Company are exempt from all local taxes, including income, withholding, capital gain taxes, stamp duties and other fees or taxes based upon income or assets originating outside of Nevis or in connection with other activities outside of Nevis.